published 1995 by Longmeadow Press

1-2-3 What Do You See? Poster
. . . is an imaginative and entertaining
introduction to the wonderful world
of numbers.

The appealing and vibrant numbers—with their hidden and imbedded shapes—encourage children to see numbers in a new and exciting way. A perfect addition to a child’s room, to schools, children’s activity centers, children’s museums and many other places. Adapted from Marjorie Price’s delightful children’s book, 1-2-3 What Do you See? the poster is printed on high quality poster paper, 14 x 20 inches.

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published 1980 by Pantheon Books

AlphaDabbles is a highly original work that uses the letters of the alphabet to stimulate creative imagination. The book is alive, sparkling with shapes and ideas, and invirtes children (and adults) to give vent to creative potential inherent in the unconscious of every human being.”

-Dr. Benjamin B. Wolman, Editor-in-Chief, International Encyclopedia of Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Neurology